Life revolves around relationships & what goes on (or doesn’t) between people. Therapy helps you explore and rework patterns that keep you from being close but separate.

Worry that has you up all night, fears that frustrate and imprison, thoughts that intrude and limit, can be changed. Therapy helps you safely know and outgrow underlying anxieties.

Crushed feelings, harsh self judgement, poor self worth, are powerful emotional weights and hard to shake off. Therapy is a time to take symptoms seriously, and find compassion.


The Goal of Therapy is the Relief of Suffering

This is accomplished by solving the issue that causes you psychological pain. Often, painful or difficult feelings persist because they live beneath your surface, outside of your conscious awareness and rational  thought. Emotional pain can make itself felt and known in your thoughts, in your sleeping patterns, and in your bodily sensations and complaints.

Suffering is a very hard thing to try and change on your own. However, you don’t have to. Consider that any important achievement in life requires help to accomplish.  Help is often something many of us have feelings about. Some of us have become experts at hiding or avoiding our suffering. It can make it confusing to try to change something that at the same time has to be hidden.

Therapy helps you to safely see and develop your insight overcome obstacles independently in the future. This includes developing new ways of being that are consistent with who you are and that can be incorporated as your own.

Psychotherapy is a space where you can develop personal insights and self knowledge you need to find relief from internal burdens and unnecessary responsibilities.

Reasons for Seeking Therapy

  1. You find yourself frequently, or increasingly, suffering.
  2. Your other attempts to find relief did not work or last.
  3. Something about your issue or struggle escapes you.
  4. There is something you want to change.

Getting Started in Therapy

There is no wrong place to start in therapy. Even so, it may feel like it is hard to start and hard to continue. Help can be a challenging for many of us so here are some places to begin. Some places to start in therapy:

Recurring intense, difficult feelings
Recurring intense, difficult thoughts
Acting or behaving in ways that you don’t want
Ongoing difficulty with a relationship
Ongoing difficulty with romance
People telling you to go to therapy
Painful memories
Family of origin issues
Sexual difficulty without an organic cause


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