Life revolves around relationships and what goes on between people. Therapy can help explore and rework troublesome patterns so you are more connected, suffer less and enjoy more.

Obsessive worry, feelings of impending danger, panic, negative or intrusive thoughts, can be reworked to change those self-limiting solutions like inhibition, avoidance and isolation.

Recurrent dark clouds, unspoken loss or hurt, can absorb space, time and energy. Therapy can alter the burdensome, helping you readjust to make needed room in heart and mind.


Talking and Therapy 

As an experienced therapist I understand how feeling free to speak about difficulties is usually quite hard. Overcoming the challenges of talking is central to the process of psychotherapy and something that we can navigate together.  Many people come to the idea that their suffering, whatever form it takes, ought to remain hidden like a dark secret that needs to be relegated to the dungeon of the mind. Of course, there are times to think positive, look up and push forward. But, when hiding from difficulties becomes habitual, it can become burdensome, exhausting and restrictive to your freedoms. It takes effort to not see and paradoxically, that effort can lead towards the things we want to avoid: depression, anxiety and unhelpful sorts of behavior. The good news is, therapy can provide relief and alternatives to suffering.  TIP:  See the end of my speciality pages for hypothetical case examples, showing how an external difficulty can have underlying meaning that when reworked, allows for change.

Feeling Better and Being Better

Many people have worries about seeing a psychotherapist including a concern that their difficulty might somehow be unworthy of care and attention. Some of this worry may come from the enduring social stigma that certain feelings, along with therapy, are unnecessary. On the other hand, there are also inner pressures that can push to dissuade from addressing our difficulties. Despite these sorts of challenges, most people have felt how talking helps, usually in more ways than one.  To address difficulties is to feel supported to navigate both the internal and external pressures. It is a process that can, bit by bit, lead to betterment and greater freedoms.  As human beings, we need our lived experience, perhaps more so the difficult bits, in words, in our minds, so we can think about them and suffer less.  Let’s begin a dialogue. Call for an appointment to get started on the path to feeling and really being better.


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