Life revolves around relationships & what goes on (& doesn’t) between people. Therapy can provide you relief in the exploring and reworking of those patterns that are painful.

Worries that interrupt sleep, fears that frustrate or imprison, thoughts that oppress or guilt trip, can be changed. Therapy helps you see and learn the meanings to outgrow underlying issues.

Hurt feelings, self criticism and relentless internal demands, are big emotional forces to conquer on your own. With help, you can learn to see your symptoms, feelings and wishes honestly and change.


Therapy Helps Gain Relief from Suffering

To find relief from suffering is to learn more about it.   For most us, learning about suffering runs counter to our natural inclination to move towards the good feelings and away from the bad suffering.  Yet like most things that do not make sense, it’s better to take a look and see what’s going on.  A key benefit  to have professional help is because it is not natural or easy to look, see and understand what it is going in hard feelings.

Many painful and distressing feelings are able to continue, and even proliferate, because they live beneath the surface, away from rational thought and our direct control. Suffering can and often does, make itself known in different ways including through negative thoughts, unsettled sleep, troublesome patterns of behavior as well as bodily sensations, complaints and issues.

Suffering can be confusing and difficult to tend to because it resides beneath the surface and out of reach of topical balms and self-care remedies.   It can be confusing to change something that at the same time is hidden.  As with anything of real importance in life, suffering requires help.

Therapy helps you see and learn about your suffering. Exploring the things that create suffering in your life can help you gain valuable insights and find some emotionally charged meanings.  These things can be used to support deep change so you are more equipped to tackle obstacles on your own in the future.

Reasons for Seeking Therapy

  1. You find yourself frequently, or more often, suffering.
  2. Your other attempts to find relief did not work or last.
  3. Something about your issue or struggle escapes you.
  4. There is something you want to change.

Starting in Therapy

There is no wrong place to start in therapy.  There are however many places to start, too many to list. Here are some examples of places to begin in therapy:

Recurring, intense, difficult feelings
Recurring, intense, difficult thoughts
Acting or behaving in ways that you don’t want
Ongoing difficulty with a relationship
Ongoing difficulty with romance
People telling you to go to therapy
Painful memories
Family of origin issues
Sexual difficulty without an organic cause


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