Life revolves around relationships & what goes on in them. Therapy helps to explore and rework troublesome patterns to increase genuine connection and open communication.

Things like constant worry, fearfulness, panic, and unwanted thoughts, cause stress and isolation. Therapy can assist you to explore, gain perspective and defuse the underlying meanings of anxieties.

Struggling with hurt feelings, crushing self criticism or perfectionism, makes it harder to feel secure and free. Emotional weights require the support and guidance of a therapist, to help gain space, explore and rework your feelings.


Talking and Therapy 

As a psychotherapist and psychoanalyst, I understand how talking about how you really feel can be challenging for both internal and external reasons.  Being able to speak and freely explore, is central to the process of therapy and to overcoming issues to your growth and development.

Finding ways to talk is something we navigate together. Many people think that talking about suffering is a downer, is negative and unwanted so they learnt to automatically turn away from it.  Suffering like pain, hurt and anger, are therefore viewed as secrets that need to be banished to the psychic cellar.

There are times when it is better to think positive, look up and push forward. But, when hiding from difficulties becomes habitual, it can become burdensome, exhausting and restrictive to your freedoms. It takes effort to not see and paradoxically, that mental effort to not see can lead us into the very places we seek to avoid:  depression, anxiety and unhelpful sorts of behavior.

TIP:  Read my hypothetical case examples of external difficulties held in place by their underlying meaning which can be reworked for change.

Feeling Better and Being Better

Many people have worries about seeing a psychotherapist including a concern that their difficulty might somehow be unworthy of care and attention. Some of this worry may come from the enduring social stigma that certain feelings, along with therapy, are unnecessary.

On the other hand, there are also inner pressures that can push to dissuade from addressing our difficulties. Despite these sorts of challenges, most people have felt how talking helps, usually in more ways than one.

To address difficulties is to feel supported to navigate both the internal and external pressures. It is a process that can, bit by bit, lead to betterment and greater freedoms. As human beings, we need our lived experience, perhaps more so the difficult bits, in words, in our minds, so we can think about them and suffer less.

Let’s begin a dialogue. Call for an appointment to get started on the path to feeling and really being better.


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